Big and Small Ways That You Can Help

There are many different ways you can volunteer to help at Brock. Like us, we know you are busy! So we have put together a list of the jobs and tasks that need to get done - some bigger, some smaller. Many thanks to those of you who have already volunteered, and many thanks to all who intend to do so!


Classroom Parent: Each and every classroom needs a class parent who can be the communication link between your child's classroom teacher and the PAC as well as help the teacher communicate by email events and happenings in the classroom to other parents of kids in the class. 

Fundraising Committee: work with fundraising coordinator on events such as Direct Donation Drive, East Side Soiree others


Communication Support: provide input to the PAC website, newsletters, make posters, advertise events.

School Grounds Committee: work with other parents to maintain existing garden initiatives such as the outdoor classroom garden and planter boxes, and help develop new ideas for school ground enhancement


Earthquake Comfort Kits: help coordinate the collection of student earthquake comfort kits and distribute kits back to students at the end of the year

Lost & Found Monitor: help monitor the lost and found boxes, and organize displays of items 2-3 times throughout the school year


Translation: translate written materials and meetings into another language


Appreciation: write thank you notes, organize teacher appreciation tea in Spring, buy retirement gifts, etc.


Photography & Videography: take photos and video of events


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