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Information about the recent BCTF Supreme Court win can be found at: 




April 2017: An Article from PAN in the Vancouver Sun:


Opinion: Who will defend public education?

As the provincial election looms, the future of public education remains perilously uncertain. Persistent underfunding has eroded our public education system to the point of breaking, yet this stark reality is obscured by rhetorical sleight of hand, allegations of blame and “alternative facts.




Feb 2017: Your Education Matters Public Ed Video Series

Your Education Matters has presented televised discussions of BC education since 2007. YEM is a community outreach project of the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University funded by donations from BC organizations and individuals and by in-kind support from SFU. The initiative is led by Paul Shaker, PhD.


Their new series on the broader perspective of public education and school funding in BC began Feb. 9 and videos are released each week on Mondays. Discussions and statements have been made by parent members of PAN and other advocacy groups such as Richmond Schools Stand United, Surrey Students Now, the Public Education Network Society, the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, etc.


These are short, impactful and loaded with facts to help you navigate the "spin" of government rhetoric and misinformation. Have a look!



BCTF Issues Statement with Funding Priorities

As discussions on implementing the BCTF's Supreme Court of Canada ruling continue, BC teachers are turning their attention to the February 21 provincial budget and calling on the government to properly fund all of its obligations. President Glen Hansman estimated that the provincial government needs to come up with at least $300 million in new funding to implement the collective agreement language that the Supreme Court of Canada recently restored. That $300 million must be on top of the recently announced $50 million interim measure and the $80 million Teacher Education Fund negotiated in 2014.

Read full statement and the 9 Recommendations here:



SAVE THE DATE - Budget '17 PAN Discussion - Feb 26

Our next PAN monthly meeting will be Sunday February 26, at the usual place, The Tipper (private room at the back) at our usual time of 7:00pm. 


Public education is a key provincial election issue,and the BC Budget will be announced on Feb 21. We have invited representatives from the BC Green Party, BC NDP and BC Liberals to a balanced discussion on the Budget regarding public education.


We will have a moderator and the ability for parents to ask questions. Plan to attend and find out more. We look forward to seeing you!



Parents To Give Input re Report Cards - til Feb 28th

The Ministry of Education is gathering input from parents across BC. There are two ways to participate:
1) By attending one of the community open houses that are happening in 11 locations around the province. These sessions are drop-in between 5-7 p.m. with a one hour facilitated workshop from 7-8 p.m.
2) By completing a parent feedback form either online or by printing a hard copy that can be completed and returned by mail.


The parent feedback form will be open for response until February 28, 2017 at 4 p.m


All of the input that is submitted will be summarized into an Engagement Summary Report, which will be published in June 2017. Full details found here:



Poverty Free BC Rally - Mar 4 

The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition has teamed up with Raise the Rates, the BC Federation of Labour and many other groups for the Poverty Free BC Rally, to be held Saturday, March 4th 2017, 12-2pm at the Vancouver Public Library, Robson side.

PAN is proud to be a supporter of the rally and will be attending. This is our collective chance to raise our voices together and show candidates in the provincial election that we’ll be voting for politicians that commit to strong social services including public education and a comprehensive poverty reduction plan. 

In the week leading up to the rally (Feb 25-Mar 4), each day will be devoted to one of the essential pillars of an effective poverty reduction plan - Tuesday February 28th is devoted to public education. For Feb 28th, the BCTF will be hosting a webinar at 3:30 pm. Anyone can access the webinar online. The link will be posted soon on the BCPRC website


Please join us! Join and share the Facebook page for the rally here:


How School Funding Matters - Mar 8

The Institute for Public Education BC will be presenting "How School Funding Matters" on Wednesday March 8, 7pm at SFU downtown. The event is open to all and will feature a number of speakers on public education and funding in BC.


Save the date and plan to attend. Connect with them on Facebook to stay informed.



All-Party Forum on Education - April 4

Public Education is as a key issue in the upcoming provincial election. In the lead-up to the May 9 election, the BCCPAC will be hosting an All-Party Forum on Education April 4, at 7pm in the James Cowan Theatre in Burnaby. IF you belong to a PAC who is a member of BCCPAC (PACs pay to be so), then you can attend on behalf of your PAC. 
The 90-minute forum will be solely focused on Education and it will be an opportunity for BCCPAC members to hear about educational platforms and strategies directly from representatives of the three main political parties: the BC Green Party, the BC Liberal Party and the BC New Democratic Party. 
Registration will be limited and will be open to BCCPAC members - details will be available in the coming weeks. They will also be live streaming and/or taping the event for BCCPAC members who are not able to attend.




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