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The General Brock Parent Advisory Council exists to support your children's experiences at Brock. Each and every parent and guardian of a Brock student are members of the PAC. We are an open group interested in all parents' ideas and we encourage everyone to participate.

The PAC motto for the 2016-17 school year is COMMUNICATION and COOPERATION. We want to ensure that parents have as much information as possible and that we work together as a team to enhance the Brock school community and our kids' school experience.
All parents and guardians of Brock students are welcome and encouraged to attend PAC meetings. PAC meetings will be held in the Brock School Library on Thursdays (click here to go to Meetings page), from 6:45pm until 8:00pm. Child care will be provided free of charge. You are welcome to bring up your interests or concerns for our agenda. Feel free to drop us a note in the office or send us an email at pacbrock@gmail.com.
Note: Copies of our meeting minutes and upcoming agenda are posted on this website (click here) and on the PAC bulletin board just inside the doors to the undercover area.
We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in the coming year.
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2017-2018 PAC Contacts


Executive Positions and Members at Large:


Secretary – Sheri Lomas / Penny McCleery / Jennifer Toomey


Chair – Krista Knight


Meeting Chair - Tara Landes


Treasurer – Steve Nevard


Fundraising Coordinator– Joanna Cook


Staff/PAC Liaison – Danielle Conrad


Website – Krista Knight


Parent Education – Cassie Savage


Nesters Liaison - Penny McCleery


PAC Period Financial Summary

Quick News

Current Events:


Next PAC Meeting:

Tues, May 14  6:30-8pm

Brock Library

Free Childcare Available


Event Canceled
Brock Burger n Brew

Wed, Apr 10th due to lack of interest. Stay tuned.

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