Hot Lunch is Back!

Brock PAC is pleased to support the hot lunch program now being offered by C'est Mon Cafe. 


All ordering and payments are done online and your child receives a delicious hot lunch on Monday.  Students come into the lunch room and with the assistance of a parent volunteer find their name/division number and their tasty meal.


Order by 7pm on the Sunday evening before each Tuesday or for multiple weeks at once - to ensure your child gets their meal.  If your child is on a lunchtime sports team they can order under "athletics" instead of their division number to ensure their meal is ready for them at the right time.


Please visit and click on the Brock page to make your order.  


Check out their FAQ section if you have any concerns.  When you go to the "proceed to online order page" there is a sample order form and then at the bottom of the page is the actual button to order through.


Interested in helping with the hot lunch program each Tuesday sign up at the link below.

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